Mistress Harley

Mistress Harley

Age: 27
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 124
Measurements: 34D 26 34
Ethnicity: Nordic

A Mistress with unique tastes and talents, her bag of tricks is extensive and well supplied. Please view the pictures provided, all are originals of the woman I worship with every breath I take.

Can you discuss your deepest and darkest desires? She will understand… She’s seen enough to know – for sure – you may be the most normal thing all year. Or you could be the most peculiar pathetic thing she has ever seen.

She stands at 5 foot and 7 inches in her stockinged feet, with a shoe size of 8.5 for heels, size 9 for boots. Her dress size is size 6/8, measurements of 34D-26-34. Gifts and your particular flavor of costume or equipment always appreciated. She likes to add to Her collection of lingerie, cuban heeled nylon stockings (Agent Provocateur preferred), clothing, and wigs. Make up and costumes can also be provided, for her and her playtime buddy. Share your fantasies with her, she can share one or two with you. Don’t you want to be the bitch on the ground? Ass up, face down, begging for more…. begging to please your Mistress. Or do you want to learn how to be one of the girls, have your Mistress teach you how to walk and talk like a lady, make up and all? Do you adore gorgeous feet? Her feet have high arches, a beauty accent here and there, perfectly formed toes… clean or dirty, they look really good. They look even better in whipped cream and fruit…

Adoring the Mistress is always appreciated, taking pain for the Mistress is even more entertaining. What would you do just to kiss Her feet? What would you endure to see her smile? How much would it mean to you if she just spit in your face? Just once….

Practicing in four major cities for almost a decade, the first year of training at the legendary Chateau de Rossi in Los Angeles, this Mistress has reemerged into the public world, continuing Her work between the Boston and New York areas weekly along with other scheduled stops nationwide over the year. Primary residency is Boston, please consider during introduction interview process.

Please call or email and inquire. Do have patience for the Mistress to respond, do communicate if the message is a time sensitive matter. All will be received by me. You are a too pathetic to be named, humble slave.

Best and blessings,
Mistress Harley


  • dinner/date escort
  • private dancer
  • massage therapy (full body massage, deep tissue or light)
  • have high class attire from designer clothes to evening gowns available.

Rates vary depending on the services requested.

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