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What nickname could Donald Trump give Kamala Harris?

We already have Pocahontas, Sleepy Joe, and Crazy Bernie, but what happens if God forbid Kamala Harris ends up the Democratic nominee? Trump would have to be very careful with this one. Due to Harris’ record as a prosecutor, I’m going with Clink Kamala.

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What are the biggest question marks heading into the season for the New England Patriots?

There may be some question as to players on the bubble on the defensive side of the ball, but overall this is a deep and talented defensive unit with no noticeable weaknesses. I’d say the biggest question marks come on the offensive side of the ball. 4. […]

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How do you find a Boston escort agency on google?

Well of course you google “Boston escort agency”. If you simply google “Boston escorts”, you will mostly get a bunch of useless directories.

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My 10 favorite films of the Silent Era

10. The Iron Horse 9. The General 8. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 7. The Unknown 6. Wings 5. The Crowd 4. Intolerance 3. Greed 2. Diary of a Lost Girl 1. Sunrise

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