A question a client may ask a Boston escort, that could make her nervous

All of our escorts in Boston call the clients directly, and set up their own appointments. Occasionally, a potential client may ask the escort if she has a driver. Ninety nine percent of the time, this is an innocent question. It’s normally a client looking for an escort to visit their residence, and they are concerned with discretion. Understandably, a client could be concerned with a driver parking in front of their house, in full view of the neighbors. A client should always address this concern with the agency before the escort calls. If you ask the escort if she has a driver, she will normally be a little nervous that it may be because you’re up to no good. It may sound to her like you’re asking if she’s all alone, and vulnerable. Just in case, an escort in Boston would always be advised to say she has a driver whenever asked. This is just to be on the safe side. It’s probably even more of a red flag if a client staying at a hotel asks this question. After all, they wouldn’t have their neighbors to worry about. So while not necessarily a bad question to ask a Boston escort, it’s just one of those delicate questions that can make the escort nervous and not want to see you.

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