A scam that a potential client may try on a Boston escort agency

Today we received an email requesting our agencies services in a couple weeks. Here is a snippet from one of the potential client’s emails: “We will stay there for 5 days and will be 2 person. So we deserve a big discount as we will be everyday customer.” We responded that we would be happy to negotiate discounts after the first appointment takes place. Not surprisingly, we did not hear back from them again. We do not know for sure if this particular client is up to no good. But the groundwork is there for him to try to scam us. Occasionally what happens is that a potential client may try to bait you with promises of extra business, hoping for a lower rate. They will expect the initial appointment to be discounted, and if you oblige, you will never hear from them again. There is a good chance that this particular client is only looking for an escort appointment for one night. It’s hard to believe that somebody would go through this trouble to save a few bucks, but it happens. It is akin to a client who tries to pay with a check, or who asks the girl if he can pay after the appointment. Sometimes a client will tell the girl that he can go to the ATM later, to get more money. They often try to bait the girl with promises of a good tip-like this potential client may be trying to bait our agency with a promise of repeat business. Be smart instead of greedy, and do not fall for this tactic. ALWAYS get paid up front!

On the flip side, I have heard of scam escort agencies taking advantage of clients looking for escorts in Boston. A client may contact an escort agency looking to schedule an appointment. And then the scam agency will ask the client to put down a deposit. The scam agency collects the deposit, and then the client cannot get through to them again.  There are exceptions: for example; a client in Maryland may request that an escort in Boston come to visit him. It would be reasonable for the escort to be paid her travel expenses up front.

The bottom line is to know who you’re dealing with.

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