Boston escort review scams

Review sites have become very popular in recent years for clients looking to choose a Boston escort agency. It can be fascinating reading, but these reviews are not always accurate. It is too easy for a Boston escort, or escort service to write fake reviews. An escort can write a glowing review for herself, or a lousy review for her competition. This is an issue in most every industry, but especially the escort industry. We have had several reviews written about ladies at our agency, good and bad, that we knew to be fakes. Many of these review sites offer free VIP membership to clients who write reviews. It is quite simple for clients to write fake reviews to get this VIP access. We have actually had clients call us and request a discount, with the promise that they will write a glowing review for our escort agency. When their offer is turned down, some of these clients threaten to write us a bad review. I’m sure this must happen to a lot of Boston escorts and Boston escort agencies besides us.

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