Boston escorts traveling throughout Massachusetts

Clients contact us from all over Massachusetts requesting our escort’s services. Most of our escorts are based in Boston, so if the client is a long drive away, it can be hard to work out. If a client is in the Springfield or Amherst area, you’re looking at a 3 to 4 hour round trip drive for the escort. Realistically, the point at which it makes it worthwhile for an escort in Boston to travel this far, is the point at which it isn’t worth it for the client. The time spent driving for the escort could cost her 3 appointments and several hundred dollars or more. Sometimes, if it’s a known client, it may work out as it least it would be a definite. But when a new client calls, there’s always the risk that the escort could travel for nothing. That risk greatly increases if the client is at a residence, rather than a hotel where the escort can verify the room. The point is that you can’t really expect a client to pay the escort what it is truly worth it for her to spend that much time on one appointment. Even The Cape, Worcester, Plymouth, Fall River, New Bedford, and Fitchburg are all about an hour drive each way. The escort will usually travel to these cities for about an extra fifty to a hundred dollars, but only if it would appear to be a certainty that the client is legitimate. One solution that can often work for both parties is if the client wants to book multiple hours. The client could still pay a reasonable hourly rate, while the total sum could make the trip worth it for the escort.

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