Does Al Horford’s surprising departure screw the Boston Celtics?

I don’t think so, and I think the Celtic’s organization wanted it to happen. It would be completely different if Kyrie Irving were planning on resigning with the team, but what good would it be for the team to pay 20-25 million a year to a guy who will be in his latter 30’s by the time the deal is up? With Irving gone it’s not like they are an immediate title contender, so what’s the point? I believe Horford’s decision is all about money. Danny Ainge, I’m sure, would be willing to pay a premium if this team were a championship threat. With Irving leaving, they are not. They are better off with the additional flexibility from the salary cap relief. Horford is also showing signs of wearing down, although to his credit, he has played his best ball in the playoffs and been a great Celtic. Good luck with the rest of your career, Al.

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