Is it for the best if Kyrie Irving resigns with the Boston Celtics?

In the words of Walter White, “you’re goddamn right.” It seems like so many fans and members of the media want to run him out of time. Not because he’s a bad guy, but because the team had a bad year and he says some odd things. People like to point to the fact that they went to the Eastern Conference Finals the year before without him. Sure, but he did lead them for 60+ games to help them get home court advantage for all of their playoff series. Considering they only won 1 road game for the duration of those playoffs speaks to how important that was. That whole year there was no talk about wanting him to go away or about him being a locker room cancer. Sure, he had a tough final 4 playoff games this year, but then he wasn’t getting any help either. The bottom line is that you need stars to win in the NBA, and Kyrie Irving is a star. The big problem if he leaves is that the salary cap means you can’t just replace him. You won’t have any proven point gaurd to lead your team, unless you give up assets to get one. The Boston Celtics are set up great for the future and the present if this man stays. If he leaves, you will have nothing but uncertainty and mediocrity. All signs point to Irving signing with the Brooklyn Nets. Let’s all hope Boston is still in the running.

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