Is it too early to worry about the Boston Red Sox?

I don’t think it is. Last year Boston rolled through spring training, the regular season, and the playoffs. Normally I wouldn’t even think about spring training, but it seems to me that last year the Sox started from the beginning with a certain mindset, a mindset they didn’t bring back with them this year. They are currently 3 and 9, and it’s not like they’ve suffered tough losses. Just the opposite in fact as they’ve been fortunate in their three wins. They haven’t done well in any facet of the game except maybe relief pitching, and that’s unlikely to continue. Mookie Betts’ upcoming contact situation could prove to be a distraction and Chris Sale has lost his fastball. The scary part is that they’re very healthy at the moment. What happens when they start to suffer injuries? They are a very talented team that still has plenty of time to turn it around, but I feel that if they make the playoffs it’ll be due to weak competition in the American League. I hope I’m wrong but I think it could be a long tough season in Boston.

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