Mistakes Boston escorts make when advertising 

There are an incredible amount of escorts in Boston advertising. It doesn’t take long to find an ad with phrases like juicy booty, mad skillz, and phat azz. If you’re a Boston escort advertising with phrases like that, what type of client are you expecting to attract? The ideal client is a professional gentleman, one who more than likely does not use that type of lingo. Sure, you may get attention, but probably not the type of attention you’re hoping for. Also, spelling counts! It only takes a minute to proofread your ad. After all, your ad is a reflection of you. With so many Boston escorts competing for business, it is important to distinguish yourself with class.

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  1. So, so true. Being a professional Gentleman myself I can attest to this post’s accuracy. I tend to check out NR and BP when in an area for business (I travel often). As I scroll through and see some nice pictures with faces, I check those pictures against an Internet database of pictures called tineye. If the picture shows up as a duplicate from another site then I move on to the next (99.9% means it’s fake). The wording though is key. I see a pretty girl and start to read that she likes older, white, professional Gentlemen but then read she has a juicy azz… time to move on. Sounds like she has a GI problem or a disease. I always call the ladies in the ads that I can see their face, not a copied photo, spells correctly and uses words a man my age with my income uses.

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