My top 10 favorite film directors-

With some of my favorite movies from that director.

10. Clint Eastwood-Unforgiven, Mystic River, The Gauntlet, Play Misty for Me

9. Quentin Tarantino-Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Death Proof

8. Ingmar Bergman-Cries and Whispers, The Virgin Spring, The Passion of Anna, Shame, Smiles of a Summer Night, Autumn Sonata

7. Werner Herzog-Fitzcarraldo, Nosferatu, Stroszek, Aguirre the Wrath of God, The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

6. Roman Polanski-Chinatown, Cul De Sac, Rosemary’s Baby, Death and the Maiden, Knife in the Water

5. John Ford-The Quiet Man, The Grapes of Wrath, The Iron Horse, My Darling Clementine, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, How Green Was My Valley

4. Brian De Palma-Carlito’s Way, Blow Out, Body Double, Dressed to Kill, The Untouchables, Carrie, Scarface

3. Akira Kurosawa-The Seven Samurai, Rashomon, Ikiru, The Hidden Fortress, High and Low, The Idiot

2. John Landis-Animal House, The Blues Brothers, An American Werewolf in London, Trading Places

1. Martin Scorsese-Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Casino, Raging Bull, The Departed, The King of Comedy

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