NFL Pick of the Week: Week 1

I am a girly girl but have always been a huge football fan. Every week I will pick 1 game against the spread and hope to go at least 9 and 8 on the year.

In general when picking games, it’s best to stay away from games involving your favorite team as it’s impossible to be completely objective. In this case, that would obviously be our New England Patriots. However, this is for fun and I think this is a good spot for them.

Over the last several years, New England has played some of their best football when doubted or facing adversity. With an aging quarterback and rampant reports of internal tension throughout the offseason, this may be a team with something to prove. They are also dealing with a lack of depth at wide receiver. Around the country, expectations are not as high as usual. Out in Texas, big things are expected of this Houston team, with household names on the defense and a rising star at quarterback.

Deshaun Watson is an all world talent who is going to be great football player for a long time. In his six starts last season, he took the league by storm. Normally when rookies do this in any sport, the rest of the league makes adjustments. Teams have now had plenty of opportunity to study him, especially the Patriots who were torched by him last year. Of course, that was a Patriot’s defense who had a historically poor start. That defense will be much improved this year and they will be ready for Watson. This also happens to be Watson’s first game back from a serious injury. I expect the Patriot’s offense to methodically move the ball and score enough points to comfortably cover the spread.

Week 1 pick: New England -6

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