Did Pete Carroll make a bad call?

Regarding the pass play on the Seahawk’s last drive, the Pats had 2 timeouts; they could’ve let Lynch get in on the first play, or used their timeouts, allowing Brady time to get into field goal position to tie the game. The reason they didn’t, is because time was an issue for Seattle. If Lynch doesn’t get in on 2nd down, which is extremely possible with the Patriots goal line defense, they’re left with 2 plays and about 16 seconds after they use their last time-out. In this situation, Seattle has to throw the ball on 3rd down, when the Pats have the defense to be ready for it. If they don’t throw it on 3rd down, they run a serious risk of not getting a 4th down play off, and at the very least, having to rush to get it off on time. An incomplete pass on 2nd down would’ve preserved their time-out, and allowed them to do anything they wanted on 3rd and 4th down. They needed to throw the ball on 2nd or 3rd down; why not do it on the down when it’s least expected, and the Pats are going all out against the run. Teams do this all the time; it’s only because of the final result that people are questioning it. It took an absolutely phenomenal defensive play by the DB to win the game. Not only do I not think it was a bad call, I think it was the best call.

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