Ranking the films of director Quentin Tarantino

With the highly anticipated release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood less than 2 weeks away, I decided to take a look back and decide on what my favorites are.

9. Kill Bill 2

8. Kill Bill

I’ve just never gotten into these movies.

7. The Hateful Eight

Great cast and a very good movie. Just not one of his best.

6. Inglourious Basterds

Waltz and Pitt were amazing.

5. Django Unchained

Some great performances and a river of bloodshed.

4. Death Proof

Cool cars, hot girls, and Kurt Russell.

3. Jackie Brown

Very cool and Pam Grier is a goddess.

2. Pulp Fiction

Hailed by most movie watchers as their favorite, and for good reason. Sam Jackson got robbed not winning the Oscar.

1. Reservoir Dogs

His first and most raw remains my favorite.

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