Seo packages for a Boston escort agency

The most common telemarketing calls or emails a Boston escort agency will get are from SEO companies. An SEO company tries to get you ranked high in search engines such as google, yahoo, and bing. These companies will call you promising first page rankings very quickly. Most of them will destroy your ranking. A legitimate SEO company is very expensive and they will not promise to get you ranked high overnight. These other companies use blackhat tactics that can get your site penalized or banned. What many of these crappy companies will do is try to place a link to your escort agency website on other sites where it really shouldn’t be. This is spam, and the search engines do not like spam. Not all links are good, relevant links. These blackhat tactics usually work in the short term, but you normally will drop suddenly and drastically after a while, and it is difficult to repair the damage done. Some of these companies do it the right way, but it is very pricey. If you research it a bit, you can do all of the SEO work yourself. It is a lot of tedious work, but at least you are in control, and you can save quite a bit of money.

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