Should an escort agency charge their girls for a blown appointment?

Once in a while, one of our escorts may screw up an appointment by arriving very late, or not arriving at all. Understandably, a client may fall asleep or call elsewhere if this happens. It can be very frustrating to lose a booking fee for what is usually a very lame reason. Some agencies will still charge the escort the booking fee if they are at fault for blowing the appointment. We do not do this as we just chalk it up as something that can happen occasionally. The girls appreciate this, and the lack of greed helps build trust between the escort and the agency. An escort could become bitter if she was expected to pay out a fee, without making anything herself. As with any business, sometimes things just do not work out. Also, there are sometimes instances when an appointment may work out solely because of the hard work and determination of the Boston escort. An agency really needs to see both sides and look at what’s best for the long run.

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