Top 10 westerns

10. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

Sergio Leone directs this epic masterpiece featuring Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, Jason Robards, and the super hot Claudia Cardinale.

9. The Shootist (1976)

Bittersweet as a dying John Wayne plays a dying gunslinger with plenty of support from Lauren Bacall, Jimmy Stewart, and Ron Howard.

8. One-Eyed Jacks (1961)

Marlon Brando stars and kicks ass in the only film he ever directed.

7. My Darling Clementine (1946)

John Ford shows why he’s one of the all time great directors and Henry Fonda makes his second of three appearances on this list.

6. Little Big Man (1971)

Dustin Hoffman kills it in a movie that has a little bit of everything.

5. Shane (1953)

Jack Palance makes for a sinister and memorable villain.

4. The Big Country (1958)

A true epic with an all star cast.

3. McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971)

A haunting yet beautiful revisionist western with Warren Beatty and Julie Christy.

2. The Ox-Bow Incident (1943)

Henry Fonda strikes again in this brilliant drama that presents a strong moral dilemma.

1. Unforgiven (1992)

Eastwood, Freeman, and Hackman equals masterpiece.

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