What are the biggest question marks heading into the season for the New England Patriots?

There may be some question as to players on the bubble on the defensive side of the ball, but overall this is a deep and talented defensive unit with no noticeable weaknesses. I’d say the biggest question marks come on the offensive side of the ball.

4. Quarterback

The only question here comes with Tom Brady’s age. Does he slip at the age of 42? He could, but I don’t think to the point where he falls out of the upper echelon at his position. While a question mark, this one is the least that I have concern over. It wouldn’t even surprise me if the Goat returned to MVP form.

3. Wide Receiver

Besides Julian Edelman, there’s not much proven production at the NFL level from this group. That said, they are looking more promising by the day, and you could have a couple of future stars. There are also two proven commodities waiting in the wings. This could end up being a position of strength.

2. Tight End

There are a couple of solid NFL players in Matt Lacosse and Ben Watson, although the latter will miss the first 4 games due to suspension. It’s just that it will be virtually impossible to not have a let down following the retirement of Rob Gronkowski, both in receiving and blocking. What kind of production will we see, and will Gronk decide to come back?

1. Left tackle

Such an important position, especially when protecting the blindside of a 42 year old quarterback. Right now they are relying on 2 completely unproven players in Isaiah Wynn and Dan Skipper. The hope is that Wynn’s injury is behind him and he seizes the job. Right now, that’s the biggest question mark on the team.

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