What can the Boston Celtics do in the off-season?

They can do a lot but of course it will all depend on if Kyrie Irving stays. Many fans and media are down on Irving right now, and he did have an awful series against the Bucks. However, everyone seems to forget that he played 60+ games last year and everyone got along great. I blame this year more on overconfidence, Gordon Hayward not being fully recovered yet, an ineffective Terry Rozier, and Jason Tatum not yet being a man. I think losing Rozier will be a positive for this team while Hayward and Tatum will certainly get better. Irving can get the most money from Boston and it still looks like a great situation for him. Also, because of the way the salary cap works, it’s not like you can replace him if he leaves. Kyrie Irving staying in Boston is of vital importance to the organization.

Terry Rozier is gone and that’s for the best. They should have traded him at the mid season trade deadline to get an asset for him. I keep seeing writers and talk show hosts suggest that he should be signed and traded as part of a deal for Anthony Davis, but this is not possible. You can sign and trade a restricted free agent, but you can’t add players to the deal. You could sign and trade him by himself in a smaller deal but this is unlikely to happen. It seams that most teams that are interested in his services can sign him outright with no need to give up an asset.

If Irving stays, I’m all in favor of trading for Davis for the right price, but there’s another interesting possibility out there. Kevin Durant is likely to opt out of his contract and leave Golden State as a free agent. What if he wanted to go somewhere who doesn’t have cap space, like say Boston? This would actually be a very easy deal to get done and Boston wouldn’t have to give much at all. Durant would simply have to inform the Warriors he wants to get traded to Boston and opt in to the final year of his contract. The Warriors would be happy to take Hayward and a late round draft pick for sweetener. Why? Because it’s better than the alternative which is get nothing for him. Hayward’s salary matches up nicely and he could thrive in Oakland. Also, Boston could still trade for Davis. Unfortunately this all seems to depend on where the various superstars want to play. Either way, Boston has the ammunition to pursue a wide variety of deals. It will be a very interesting offseason.

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