What should the Boston Red Sox do with Mookie Betts?

Every day bring us a little closer to when Boston’s best player will become a free agent. Contracts continue to get crazier with total values now approaching a half a billion dollars, and indications from Betts are that he wants to get every penny he can.

Betts is certainly one of the very best players in the game and a high character guy. He’s popular with fans and teammates, and the Red Sox are one of the teams that do not mind handing out big contracts. This would be such an enormous contract though, that if Betts underperformed it could severely hurt the team for a decade. Mookie Betts is a small guy who plays hard, and it’s not hard to imagine him suffering an injury that affects his play. Slowing down his bat speed or his ability to run could really affect his value to a team. Even if he doesn’t get hurt, he would need to perform at an MVP level for many years to validate the contract. It’s not rare in baseball or other sports for great players to suddenly lose it to some extent. It appears that Betts intends to play this year and next, enter free agency, and then break the bank with a record contract here or somewhere else.

The Red Sox have had a horrendous start to their season and could think about trading him if they fall out of contention. We live in a region that’s home to the most successful dynasty in modern sports. In situations like these, I like to ask myself the question, what would The Patriots do?

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